The Enhancing Benefits of Exercise

Chris Williams, personal trainer at Fitness Plus in Lexington, KYBy Chris Williams.

The “Holy Grail” of why people exercise is to lose or maintain weight. When these goals don’t occur, people get frustrated and put their physical activity on the back burner.

What people don’t realize is how many other benefits there are from exercise. One benefit people get from exercise is mood improvement. Need to blow off steam from a stressful day? Something going on in your life that you can’t deal with? A workout at the gym or even a brisk 30-45 minute walk around your neighborhood can help. Physical activity stimulates various chemicals in the brain that leaves you feeling less stressed and happier.
Another benefit of regular exercise is it boosts energy. Regular physical activity can improve muscle strength and boost your overall endurance. So the next time you notice you are winded carrying in the groceries it might be time to increase your activity level.

Regular exercise can also help prevent health issues and diseases. If you are worried about high blood pressure or heart disease runs in your family then exercise should be in your daily routine. Being active helps to boost your HDL(high-density lipoprotein) while also decreasing the unhealthy triglycerides. This can help decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases. There are a wide range of health problems that with regular exercise and physical activity you can prevent or manage such as Type 2 diabetes, stroke, depression, arthritis and falls.

Exercise and physical activity is a great way to improve your health and general sense of well-being. Set a goal for yourself to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day; any exercise. If your goal is to lose weight you may need to exercise more, but don’t get frustrated if the weight doesn’t just fall off. Remember it took time to put the extra weight on and it will take time and consistency to get it off. In the meantime, take heart in the many other benefits that you are reaping through regular physical activity. So find a physical activity you enjoy to do and just do it. Whatever you do stay moving and your body will thank you for many years to come.

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