Rob Sweet

Tired of traditional resistance training with the same old barbells, dumbbells, and bands?  Aired it out about aerobics?  Had enough Pilates?  Well, we’ve got a new type of training that’s not only cutting edge, but highly effective in allowing for your creativity and developing the totality of one’s overall body stability.

Suspension Training is a form of resistance training that includes bodyweight exercises in which a variety of multi-planar [many planes of the body], compound exercises movements can be performed (see Wikipedia).  Suspension training develops:

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Flexibility, and
  • Joint stability.

Many aspects of suspension training are beneficial for the body; it develops core body strength, as well as joint and muscular stability. However, I must warn you of the criticisms toward this particular type of training. Many argue that some less fit individuals do not have the core or joint stability to preform suspension exercises properly. There is good news however. A personal trainer can develop a safe and effective suspension workout based on the individual’s strength and overall fitness level.

If you want to add some variety to your routines or just had your curiosity piqued, let us know.  Being suspended can be a good thing.

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