Strong Over 50: intro

Here’s an overview of the Strong Over 50 program.

John Stuef, owner of Rapid Fitness in Raleigh, N.C., worked with a team of exercise physiologists over a 5-year period to develop and manufacture the Strong Over 50 (SO-50) system.

Fitness Plus personal trainers in Lexington KY work out with John Stuef, creator of the Strong Over 50 system
Here, John (in the black warmup suit) trains Fitness Plus personal trainers in the program.

Strong Over 50 was created by John Stuef, with patent-pending exercise equipment
The patent-pending rack equipment is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, corrosion-resistant Delrin bearings, heavy-duty grips and a height adjuster.

Rapid Fitness clients practice squats on Strong Over 50 equipment
Exercise accessories for the SO-50 system include an ab strap, door hanger and mounting strap with carabineer.

SO-50 works for all ages, under or over 50
Focusing on body weight suspension, the SO-50 specialized workout routines allow individuals of all ages and fitness levels to improve their balance, endurance and core strength.

Sheila Kalas, owner of Fitness Plus, and John Stuef, creator of the SO-50 system, watch Fitness Plus personal trainer Rob Sweet work the SO-50 equipment.
SO-50 uses a new, patent-pending piece of equipment, along with accessories, to provide a suspension fitness training system with a focus on safety.

Fitness Plus, Lexington KY. Certified trainers in the "Strong Over 50" system:  Katie Dennison, Dave Moreland, Chris Morris, Rob Sweet, Sheila Kalas;  Amy Ball, Laura Coombs, Amber Stone, Jackie Hanson
“John invented a safer version of the very popular suspension-based training designed by the Navy Seals, which is a really cool way of training but you have to be fairly coordinated to use it,” said Sheila Kalas, founder and owner of Fitness Plus in Lexington, Ky. “Safety and fitness should always go hand in hand. As we age, safety is even more important when keeping up with fitness trends. The SO-50 equipment is an easier and safer way to do this type of suspension training.”

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