Preventing Sarcopenia

by Sheila Kalas, master trainer and owner of Fitness Plus

Sheila Kalas, master trainer and owner of Fitness Plus in Lexington, Kentucky

May is Older Americans Month, a designation established in 1963 by the National Council of Senior Citizens, now the Administration for Community Living.

The youngest baby boomers turn 53 in 2017.

Age-related loss of muscle mass starts around age 35 and gets exponentially worse over 50. It’s called sarcopenia. Without intervention, the body is degrading. Fortunately, sarcopenia can be halted, or even reversed, with strength training and suspension training.

While fitness trends are great because they encourage exercise and social interaction, safety is of utmost importance as we age. Weightlifting and weight-bearing exercises, core-strengthening training and cardiovascular activities should always have safety at the forefront.

The “Strong Over 50” patent-pending equipment for suspension fitness training was designed specifically for safety. The SO-50 program was developed by John Stuef of Raleigh, North Carolina. Fitness Plus became certified in the Strong Over 50 program in 2012 and is the only SO-50 certified facility in Kentucky.


* Baby boomers will be 53 to 71 years old in 2017.

* Kentuckians 65 and older represented 13.3% of the 2010 population.

* Lexingtonians 65 and older were 10% of the 2010 population.

* Lexingtonians 65 and older are expected to represent 13.71% in 2020.

* Lexingtonians 50 and older are expected to be 30.58% in 2020.

If you are near, at or beyond age 50, please educate yourself about sarcopenia and know that regular exercise, including some weight-bearing exercises, can manage, reverse or even prevent this loss of muscle mass. Feel free to reach out to us at Fitness Plus if you are in Central Kentucky, and check out the bios of our personal trainers.

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