How to Change Your Exercise Focus Over 50

Who doesn’t want to be strong over 50?

Sheila Kalas, founder and owner of Fitness Plus, offers solid information about shifting one’s exercise focus from beach body to independence and stability as we age. She shared stats and tips with reporter Matt Groves during a segment of “Good Day Kentucky” (GDK) on Friday, June 26, 2015.

Fitness Plus is a certified Strong Over 50 facility. It is important to develop neuromuscular communication, which is the brain talking to your body. When the brain communicates with muscles, a slip on the ice, e.g., could be embarrassing but not dangerous because you’re receiving the signal to get your hands out in front of you quickly. Your body responds to situations because of good neuromuscular communication.

Without proper neuromuscular communication, however, an older person could slip or fall with an awkward landing that results in a head injury. The 6th leading cause of death in people over 60 is an injury from a fall.

Working on stabilization and balance are more important than how much you can bench press. “Independence is directly tied to your mobility and your stability,” said Sheila.

Watch Matt’s GDK interview with Sheila:

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