How to Avoid Low Back Pain

Golfing and gardening are great. Do they cause you low back pain, though?

Sheila Kalas, founder and owner of Fitness Plus, gave tips on how to alleviate low back pain by increasing core strength and stability. She shared two exercises in particular with news anchor Lauren Gawthrop during a segment of “Good Day Kentucky” (GDK) on Friday, May 29, 2015.

First of all, the heat and humidity of summer can be dangerous, so your body needs time to acclimate. Be sure to stay hydrated. One way to know if you’re getting enough water is to check when you pass water: is it clear or pale yellow? Great. Dark urine signifies dehydration.

Now on to alleviating low back pain by strengthening the core.

Plank. Watch the video for proper planking form. Work up from a few seconds to one minute or two minutes.

The farmer carry. Carrying something heavy in one hand, while you keep your shoulders level, will work the core muscles on the opposite side. No tilting as you walk. This farmer carry exercise braces your core and takes pressure off your low back.

Increasing core strength and stability means less low back pain.

Watch Lauren’s GDK interview with Sheila:

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