How to Avoid Common Gym Injuries

Everyone wants to stay safe, inside the gym and out. Sheila Kalas, founder and owner of Fitness Plus, gave some safety tips to news anchor Lauren Gawthrop during a segment of “Good Day Kentucky” (GDK) on Thursday, March 27, 2015.

First of all, the quest to be in perfect shape can make people push themselves too hard. “Let’s get a reality check when we’re trying to be healthy,” Sheila said.

Three areas in particular that can easily be injured in the gym are the shoulder, low back and knees. These injuries are often caused by doing too much and using incorrect form. The prevention? Don’t attempt to do too much, whether working out in the gym or going about your day-to-day activities. Use the correct form. An educated personal trainer is a great resource.

The shoulder is a delicate joint. Lifting heavy weights way up over your head isn’t the best way to go, especially as we age.

Low back.
Back pain is common for many people, mainly because we sit too much at the computer and in the car. A lot of muscles in the front of the body are strong, but also tight. Muscles are weak and overstretched in the back.

Another vulnerable joint, knees can “wear out” with aging, especially due to weak hips and backside. This surprises a lot of people, but strengthening the hips and the gluteus maximus muscles help protect the knees.

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