A Foundation of Fitness

by Sheila Kalas, master trainer and owner of Fitness Plus

Sheila Kalas, master trainer and owner of Fitness Plus in Lexington, Kentucky

If someone asked you, “Do you take good care of yourself?” How would you answer? Why?

What criteria would you use to judge your answer? Would you look only at your outward appearance? Would you base your answer on your last blood work results or on how much you weigh?

Being fit does not automatically mean that you take good care of yourself, just as being outwardly beautiful does not mean it. There are many pieces involved in building a structure of wellness. Each individual piece of this “wellness house” has importance, but some pieces are more critical than others. Unfortunately, I see too many people focusing on the wrong pieces, only to create a weak structure that can be easily destroyed.

The house analogy may be a little cheesy, but it works for the point. A house needs a good foundation if it is going to last and stand up to the various challenges that Mother Nature and time have in store for it. You can’t only pay attention to the finishing touches that make a house pretty and think that it is strong and will last for years and years.

Fitness is THE foundation on which you must build your “wellness house.” A foundation of fitness will allow you to build a solid structure that will last.

We do react to what we see outwardly. But knowing you have a good, solid, strong foundation and basic structure gives us confidence and makes us feel safe. We don’t see the foundation all of the time, but knowing it’s there is important, for without it the house can collapse.

I believe truly taking care of your self includes both a solid foundation and beautiful “finishing touches.” You want to look good AND feel good; you need both for overall wellness.

Let’s face it, paying somebody to make us look good on the outside is a lot easier than putting in the physical work needed to feel good on the inside. It is amazing to me how much time and money many individuals spend on outward beauty and never spend a minute or a dime on the very foundation of their health and wellness: fitness. I don’t get it. Why spend all that time and money to try and look good, and not do anything to ensure that you will be around long enough to enjoy it?

Contrarily, I don’t understand those that put fitness and good nutrition at the top of their priority list, but do nothing to maintain their outward appearance. Not paying any attention to how you look, in my opinion, is not healthy. Looking in the mirror and liking what you see does make you feel good; it does add to your self esteem and confidence.

So, once again, it comes down to balance. Taking care of your self is a combination of both the inside and the outside of yourself: caring about the foundation of your health and fitness and your outward appearance. Keeping a good balance between these two areas is the key to having a solid structure that will serve you well in your life.


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