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5 Top strategies for weight loss

Monday, January 14th, 2013

By Amanda Holland, Personal Trainer

Well, it’s the New Year! Have you made your resolutions? According to the TODAY show, nearly half of all Americans make New Year’s resolutions and of those, almost 40 percent are related to weight loss. With many fad diets and weight loss myths, it sometimes may seem impossible to keep the pounds off. I came across an article on “HUFFPOST: Healthy Living,” by dietician and author Manuel Villacorta that explains his 5 Top strategies for successful weight loss.  He confirms some things you may already know, such as how important it is to spread your meals evenly throughout the day, and debunks myths such as “never eat in the evening” and gives his justification for these ideas.  He also puts forth ideas you may never have considered, such as the benefits of good, conscientious breathing and planning ahead for your grocery trips and meals. This article has great ideas to work new healthy habits into your everyday lifestyle.

In my experience with trying to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your daily routine, a good strategy is to write down a few small and obtainable goals. As you find success with the few things you have written down, continue to make new goals and to repeat the cycle. I have a sweet spot for chocolate, for example, so I made a small goal for myself that only on Fridays I will treat myself to some dark chocolate. Once I achieved overcoming one of my bad habits I made another goal to run/walk at least 10 miles a week, and so on and so forth. Challenging yourself one small step at a time, in the long run, will help you live and lead a healthier lifestyle. Test yourself this year, and find success following your New Year’s resolutions!