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Where to begin your journey

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Where to begin your journey  – Beginning an active lifestyle without nagging aches and pains.

In the last 40 years the technology boom has provided many conveniences that 50 years ago would have been considered in the realm of science fiction. Today it is hard to think of life without laptop computers, IPads, cell phones and automatic coffee machines. Technology has allowed us to explore the world, meet friends, order food, and even attend conferences all from the comfort of our desk chair. As a result people are being less active and spending less leisure time doing physical activity. Research is showing that lifestyle related diseases like heart diseases and diabetes have reached epidemic proportions but are not the only risk of a sedentary lifestyle.

Every year many people hit the gym with great intentions to “get healthy” only to be sidelined by nagging pains that get worse with exercise. Frustrated, they decide that the fitness lifestyle is not working for them and go back to sitting on the sofa, watching TV and just hoping they have good enough genes to avoid a heart attack. But these nagging pains can also be linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting hunched over your computer for prolonged hours affect not only your cardiovascular condition, but also it also takes a toll on your skeletal muscles. This creates muscle tightening and weakness, increasing the risk of injury for both joints and muscles.

Beginning your journey to a more active lifestyle with a well-designed corrective training program key to reaching your goals injury free. Muscle tightness and weakness from day today life set you up for injuries. Beginning with a program designed to correct any postural imbalances and joint instability caused by over use or past injuries and then trains proper movement patterns can help you avoid unnecessary aches and pains. Corrective exercise programs beginning with an movement assessment to determine your individual strengths and limitations and then incorporating exercises designed specifically to improve your posture, range of motion, balance, strength and agility. Once any major postural imbalances and joint limitations are corrected these programs easily transition to functional fitness program designed help you reach and maintain for life long health and independence