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Success Story: Michael

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Hi, my name is Michael Mason and I’m 21 years old. Skinny-Scrawny-Weak, these were the words always used to describe me. I ran track and cross country, but I could never tone up. My endurance was great but when combined with my strength in the weight room I just wasn’t where I wanted to be. Then I entered college and this really started to be exploited. When I played sports like Ultimate Frisbee and flag football I could never take a hit or contact with someone without going down. They would be able to hold up just fine but I would always be the person on the ground. I decided to look for a personal trainer and I found one.

My trainer’s name is Katie Dennison and my results with her have been great. She has changed me in so many ways. I have confidence when I go into the weight room. Before training with Katie not only did I not know what I was doing but I was pretty fearful of the weight room. I couldn’t even bench 100lbs. Katie isn’t just a trainer to me anymore–she is a friend. She helps me pick better foods to eat, she gives me confidence to lift weight that I never thought I could, and she makes sure that I don’t get hurt in the weight room. She listens to my goals and helps me every step of the way in AND out of the weight room. Before training with Katie I would not attempt some of the things that I now do regularly. Moreover, I have improved my bench press from 95lbs to 120lbs with my 1RM being 135lbs and that’s just a small portion of my improvement. People even give me compliments on how broad I have gotten across my shoulders. I am no longer the skinny, scrawny, or weak person that most people described me as in the past.

Katie is a person who makes goals obtainable and dreams reality. If you listen to Katie she will make sure that you don’t get hurt. If I had to pick 2 words to describe Katie when she works with her clients I would say Life Coach. She doesn’t let you get down on yourself; she takes you under her wing and not only trains you but teaches you as well. You learn form and find out your limits with Katie and then you push past them.

Katie gives you variety so there is never a dull workout. What I’m trying to say is that you will never be bored with Katie. Your workout will always be meaningful and satisfying. Moreover, you will no longer have a reason to be scared of the weight room, (for those of you who are), Katie looks out for you and does everything in her power to keep you from getting hurt. She pays A LOT of attention to form and detail.

Along with the training, Katie gets you involved in your own nutrition by bringing in a journal. She helps you pick better foods and healthier foods so that you can be involved in your training. In my opinion this doubles your success rate because you are eating healthy, and training healthy.

You also get training backed by education. With Katie you’re never doing a workout just to be doing it. Your workout is ALWAYS geared toward your goals. You’re getting in my opinion the best trainer available in the business today when you choose Katie as your personal trainer. Other trainers just don’t give you what this woman can give you.

Without Katie Dennison I know I would not be where I am today. I feel better than ever and because of her I am confident that the sky’s the limit when it comes to my improvement.

Do you know what the food you eat is doing in your bloodstream?

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Imagine going into a restaurant and ordering a plateful of glue and a cup of crushed glass.  This sounds like an awful meal, right?  Well, as ridiculous as it sounds to eat glue or drink glass that’s essentially what we’re doing every time we eat large quantities of saturated fats or refined sugar.

When people say it’s bad to eat things like cheeseburgers or fried chicken it isn’t just because these foods contain fat, or that fat is inherently bad for you, but because of the kind of fat.  Saturated fat, which is found in most animal products like meat or dairy, has a tendency to be a solid in our blood vessels.  While this may not seem like such a big deal at first, when you consider how small our veins and arteries are you start to realize just how easy it can be to clog these tiny little passageways.  Because saturated fats stay solid in the blood they tend to build up along the walls of the blood vessels, which may cause high blood pressure, blood clotting, and other even worse health risks.

As for refined sugars, like those found in soda or candy, they can potentially be just as harmful.  As refined sugar makes its way through the blood stream, its rough edges can tear away at the lining of our blood vessels.  When this happens the blood vessel begins to scab where it has been cut, much in the same way a cut on your finger does.  If the blood vessel keeps getting damaged from all the sharp refined sugar rushing through it, the scabs can eventually become large enough to obstruct the flow of blood.  The clots can also break away from the wall of the blood vessel and flow to other parts of the body such as the brain or the heart, potentially causing a stroke or a heart attack.

So next time you go out to eat consider ordering water instead of a soda, or the grilled chicken sandwich instead of the fried chicken strips.  This isn’t to say you have to completely give up cheeseburgers and soda entirely or right away.  Changing old habits can be difficult, but it’s time to weigh the risks of ignoring our wellbeing and continuing a lifestyle that is dangerous to our health.

Written by Matthew Ramsay; student @ LHAA; Intern for Fitness Plus, Inc. Lexington, KY