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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain by Sheila Kalas

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

The_Picture_of_HealthSad, but true, the “average” American gains about 7 pounds from Thanksgiving through New Years Day. It safe to say, this is on category that you want to strive to be below average.

If you would like to avoid being part of the “average” crowd come January, you can. All you have to do is be aware and pay attention and be committed to putting a little effort.

It’s best to have a realistic view of your life during the holidays and accept what is and work with that, rather than hope that things will be different than they really are. For example, if you always go to a lot of holiday parties and enjoy that, don’t tell yourself that you won’t go or that you won’t eat any food at any parties. This is most likely not going to happen and you will only be setting you self up for failure.

It’s much better to accept that parties are a part of your life and develop a strategy to go to them, enjoy them without the repercussions of gaining a lot of weight.

The first good strategy is on days that there is a party, eat very light, but make your last light bite right before you go to the party. That way you have saved some room for extra calories, but are not starved when you walk into the party. It is also a good plan to tell yourself that you will allow yourself to try everything you want at the party, but only once.

If holiday sweets are your love and your downfall, don’t tell yourself that you won’t eat any during these 6 weeks. Instead, limit the access you have to these tempting treats. If someone gives you a box of wonderful chocolates, take 3 out, eat one now and put the other 2 in a small container and put it away in a “sweet drawer” and give the rest away. Do this with all sweets that come to the house. Also, don’t bake any sweets unless you absolutely have to. It is very hard not to eat when you are cooking.

These are just a couple of suggestions to put you on the right track. The main key is to be aware and pay attention. Don’t just close your eyes and open your mouth from now until 2011; the only one that is going to have to do the work to get the weight off is YOU.

Sheila Kalas is the owner of personal training company, Fitness Plus, Inc. in Lexington, KY. She can be contacted at