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F.P. personal trainer, Laura Coombs posterior chain workout

Sunday, April 4th, 2010
Fitness Plus trainer, Laura Coombs

Fitness Plus trainer, Laura Coombs

Summer is coming…how are your glamor muscles looking? Are your abs amazing?  Chest chiseled?  Biceps buff?  Hey, everybody likes to show off their hard work.

Now, consider your backside for a moment. Have you paid enough attention to exercises for your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings? Together they form the “posterior chain” a powerful muscular scaffolding and support to our pelvis and keep us from hunching forward like our caveman ancestors.   They also serve as decelerators and “put on the brakes” for us when gravity pulls us forward into a fall.

The posterior chain is important!  Often, we forget to train these muscles because we can’t see them.  But without them, our posture suffers, our back aches, our hips get tight and inflamed, our knees become more prone to injury, and we are likely to lose our balance and fall forward.  Not does the posterior chain get weak without regular training, these muscles actually become long, lazy, and very hard to activate!  Think about it…most of us are sitting on them all day!!  Ready to wake them up? Try These:

Butt Kick with Drive:
Stand up tall with good posture and knees slightly bent.
Keep knees side by side, pull heel to butt, then extend at hip by driving foot and knee behind you.  Alternate and repeat 20 times.
Make sure to stand tall throughout and don’t arch your lower back.
Figure 1: Butt Kick w/ drive, start
Figure 2: Butt Kick w/ drive; action

Calf Raise with Row:

Start with hands together at chest level and feet flat, shoulder width apart, and knees slightly bent.
Elevate on toes and pull hand in toward chest, driving elbows by sides, focusing on pinching shoulder blades together.
Repeat 20 times.
Figure 3: Calf raise w/ row; start
Figure 4: Calf raise w/ row; action

Flutter Kick:
Stand tall with both arms reaching overhead and feet shoulder width apart. Simultaneously reach back with your left arm and right leg, then return to start.
Next reach back with your right arm and left leg, then return to start.  Alternate back and forth until completing prescribed reps.  Focus on extension at your thoracic spine and hips – DO NOT ARCH YOUR LOWER BACK.
Repeat 20 times.
Figure 5: Flutter kick
Figure 6: Flutter kick

Shovel Toss:

Stand up tall with good posture.
Slightly rotate to the left with upper back, keeping abs and lower back stablized.
Next rotate to your right as if you were throwing snow over your shoulder.  Focus movement in your thoracic spine and shoulders – keep hips and knees facing forward.
Complete 20 reps and repeat in the opposite direction.
Figure 7: Shovel toss; start
Figure 8: Shovel toss; action

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